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Firstpress UK

Firstpress is able to offer a personal, high quality service, accredited  ISO 9001:2008.

Firstpress Middle East

Based in Jebel Ali Free Zone, the central hub of the world and housed in a state of the art facility.

Design & Manufacture

Projects from design concept, product innovation, Prototyping, tooling production and manufacturing.



Firstpress Dubai ~ Release 2010


During 2009 Firstpress expanded further into Dubai with its new 35,000 sq ft manufacturing faciliity. Based in Jebel Ali Free Zone Dubai Firstpress is housed in a state of the art facility with both Injection Moulding and Blow Moulding capacity under the one roof. This facility has been sucessful in allowing significant development foir firstpress and services the lubricant and edible oil markets. This stage in the Companies program now forms a formidable combination of services from which to develop the Company.


Firstpress Birmingham UK ~ 2010


Firstpress realized in early 2009 that many of its core skills were being under utilised and began increasing its efforts toward promoting its existing technical support services here in the UK. With recruitment being part of the overall strategy, Firstpress have been promoting this service with more emphasis on the Technical Support being offered to both its new and existing customers.


All Company directors are looking to strengthen there presence, grow market share and increase their Companies margins and your Company will be no different. Firstpress are able to work closely with your Companies directors, designers, buyers and technical personnel to bring about fast cost effective solutions both in terms of new and existing product solutions. Maximizing your potential we often take clients existing tooling were applicable and offer a full tool trial support package to maximize on your existing Companies tool register.


Many Companies need advice in order to rationalize their options both in terms of tooling and looking for new product solutions. Many of these issues are resolved by simply looking at things in a different light. One example of this, is metal replacement polymers with many materials replacing metal and Alloy components which in turn can in many instances bring about real cost savings. These materials are better for the environment and are typically used in replacements for zinc castings or machined components.


UK Inventions and New Products ~ September 2009


Firstpress now have full support facilities in place for new products, designs and related technical sales.


Firstpress are constantly working with many new inventors, entrepreneurs and developing companies alike, where advice is imperative, both in terms of concept and ideas, but also how to avoid wasting not only money but many hours, weeks and sometimes years on either a wrong manufacturing process or even the wrong materials. Our help is designed to put peoples minds at rest, we aim to make the decisions easier, supporting the process from design to dispatch and explain the various options to make things simpler.


Injection Mouldings and full support facilities.


* Innovation, 3D CAD, Solid Modelling

* ISO9001:2008

* Product Design and Support Service

* Full Tool Design and Tooling Production

* Prototyping and Stereo Lithography Svs, SLA/SLS models

* Printing & Labeling Services

* Secondary Operations, Assembly and Finishing

* Manumold Facilities

* Commodity and Engineering Materials, Full range Fire Rated (FR) to VO

* Soft Touch to Metal Replacement Materials


We think outside the Box for solutions


Our Quality

At Firstpress (Plastic Moulders) Ltd our philosophy is based on the fact that you cannot inject quality into a product, it has to be there from the start.

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We have the facility top design and

manufacture to a high standard the

tooling required to produce

your components.

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We have extensive experience of the plastic moulding industry and a service which enables us to produce an enormous variety of components.

During 2009 Firstpress expanded further into Dubai with its new 35,000 sq ft manufacturing faciliity. Based in Jebel Ali Free Zone Dubai


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