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Firstpress UK

Firstpress is able to offer a personal, high quality service, accredited  ISO 9001:2008.

Firstpress Middle East

Based in Jebel Ali Free Zone, the central hub of the world and housed in a state of the art facility.

Design & Manufacture

Projects from design concept, product innovation, Prototyping, tooling production and manufacturing.

Firstpress Dubai -Quality Assurance

Key Points:

  • The Quality Management System complies with all the requirements of ISO 9001:2008.
  • The system also ensures that all statutory and regulatory requirements are met.
  • The Environmental Management System complies with all the requirements of ISO 14001:2004 & OHSAS 18001:2007.
  • All employees are trained and committed to the quality management system and its objectives.
  • Key performance indicators are monitored on a monthly basis.


Strict attention to quality at each stage of production is observed. Each product is documented to engineering drawings and specifications. During production, part weight,size, dimension, wall thickness, colour and general appearance are quality checked and documented.


A detail documented QA plan is available for each stage of production. Key performance indicators are monitored on a monthly basis and 22 standard test methods have been used including tests for:


  • Height dimension
  • Wall thickness
  • Drop Test
  • Leakage and Seepage
  • Opacity
  • Top Load Resistance
  • ESCR (Environmental Stress Cracking Resistance)
  • Torque Test


In order to successfully employ the established quality strategy, the company employs experienced quality controllers and inspectors in the  quality control department who work with a single motive to meet the expectations of the clients.


Quality Check Parameters:


  • Leak Proof
  • Chemical resistance
  • Capacity to withstand drop test
  • Dimension Accuracy
  • Non-toxic
  • Client’s specification
  • Size
  • Finish
  • Durability


Our Quality

At Firstpress (Plastic Moulders) Ltd our philosophy is based on the fact that you cannot inject quality into a product, it has to be there from the start.

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We have the facility top design and

manufacture to a high standard the

tooling required to produce

your components.

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We have extensive experience of the plastic moulding industry and a service which enables us to produce an enormous variety of components.

During 2009 Firstpress expanded further into Dubai with its new 35,000 sq ft manufacturing faciliity. Based in Jebel Ali Free Zone Dubai

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